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RI President Kalyan Banerjee in Juba

RIP with banner


RI President Elect Kalyan Banerjee unveils Rotary Theme for 2011-12

Theme 11-12

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Juba

Club no. 82978, District 9200, see below.

The Rotary Club of Juba, South Sudan, was chartered on 16 March 2010. The club meets every Tuesday evening at 6 pm at the "Juba Raha". Guests are welcome, but should be announced in advance to the Club Secretary (rotary.juba@gmail.com).

Visit from District 9200

In June, RC Juba received a visit from DGE Geeta Manek (RC Muthaiga) and District Secretary Elect Nick Bore (RC Langata). The visit marked RC Juba's transfer and welcome into District 9200.

9200 01 9200 02

9200 03 9200 04

9200 05


RC Juba has changed district

The Rotary International Board, at its recent meeting, decided to assign the new country of South Sudan to District 9200 with immediate effect, and subsequently to District 9212 as of 1 July 2013. The map below shows the split of District 9200 which will take place on 01 July 2013.

District 9200 after 01 July 2013

District 9200



Message from the President

My dear Rotarians, Rotractors and the entire Nation of South Sudan.

On behalf of my family and own behalf, I would very much welcome all Rotarians, rotractors and interested people to the Rotary club of Juba which is the only club in this Nation of South Sudan. It is a great privilege to be honored being the president of this club as new Nation just emerge from the globe.

As a Rotarian and a member of the club, I will not change anything but will carry on with the policy of Rotary International and the bylaws of the club. We in the club are proud to be honored with so many things as a club and ready to do them. Last year, we have received the RI President in Juba and two directors from Rotary International. Also in the same year only last month, we were blessed by the visit of our new district Governor Madam Geeta Manek and before her was the incoming secretary Nick Bore who came to Juba and visited our clubs. Their visit and being redistricted have given us some knowledge to keep learning. Their experience and advice will keep our club growing from time to time.

As this year come we will be looking for people who are committed to be the members. It is quite embarrassing to induct a member and tomorrow he/she will not manage to attend the meeting or even maintain his/her membership. Being a member in this club means a lot, if you join the rotary hoping that you are going to gain something out of Rotary, you will not make it but if you joint for the reason of helping the needy, you are the right person at right place. Don’t think of anything to benefit but think of how much you can help the needy people. As a member of rotary, the value of benefit you got from Rotarians all over the world are of untold value. Please stick to the club. As my term come I ask all of you to join hand and work together in follow the ethics of Rotarians all over by doing the four points below and respecting the four ways test.

  1. Membership – well connected, committed, ideally South Sudanese members should be brought into the club. Those who cannot afford the fees should be sponsored in order that they can join if they have the commitment to Rotary.
  2. Projects – these should be doable, involve all Rotarians and be highly visible to the Juba community and throughout South Sudan. Crucially they should also involve the government in their planning and sustainability in order to spread the reputation of Rotary through RSS.
  3. Publicity – should therefore build on the success of projects and use project output to get Rotary well known for what it contributes to South Sudan. Visibility of signature projects will get those committed to the welfare of the South Sudanese and interested in the international elements of Rotary to join.
  4. New clubs – we are very willing and happily welcoming people or South Sudanese to start their club and fellowship if they are well prepared. Also some interested young students from Juba University are welcome to start the Rotractors club. We as mother club for all those interested club are ready and will be supportive to them.

I would like to use this message to encourage each and every Rotarian, and rotaractors to help to play their part in putting this four-step strategy into place in the second half of this Rotary Year. I hope to see more of you in meetings, more volunteers, more new members and greater visibility this year as we strive together to capitalize on the excellent boost that the RI President’s, all the director and our district Governor with his secretary visit has afforded the RC Juba, and continue to working with peace through services. Am extending my sincere thanks goes to our two Rotarians Jean Paul De Meyer and Champak Tank who has put his effort in putting our sign post at the Gate of Home and Away.

Deng Mathach Deng